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About Nichole

I started modifying cars 20 years ago about the same time fast and the furious came out. I was enamored by the car culture and the adrenaline junkie in me wanted to see what performance I could get out of a 4 cylinder platform. While I was in college my mods were limited due to funds, but after my 2nd internship I bought my 1992 Honda Civic which became Miss PSI. She promptly got a GSR swap and a mild turbo kit. After enjoying a bit too much boost I hurt the engine and met the guys from 4 Piston Cylinder Heads. They built my first engine which I raced for 5 years at 450-500whp. After attending a Xplod Sport Compact race I got the bug to go after more power and compete at a higher level. I raced the car at 800hp level for the next 7 years and learned some hard lessons on where to invests my money in the platform and took a few years off to get married and build a shop. After attending WCF for 7 years as a spectator I realized qualifying for the race was within reach and with a little liquid courage made the vow I would race in 2019 in the True Street class. This meant completely revamping the manifold, intercooling, piping, upgrading the turbo, adding weight ballast, upgrading the drivetrain, and wider wheels. It took us most of the year to get the car dialed in and to run my first 8 second pass which was needed for Rd 1 minimum qualifying ET. In Nov 2019 I make it to World Cup Finals and qualify 26th with a 8.73 and a new PB. I told myself if I ran faster than 8.50 at WCF I was going to take my car from a street car to a dedicated race car. In the first round of eliminations the car goes 8.49 and we won in a come behind victory and made it to the semifinals. That 1st round win ignited the evolution of Miss PSI to the beast she is today. We spend the next 2 years getting Miss PSI ready to take the WCF True Street by storm and max out the potential of the 67mm turbo. In 2021 I ran a PB of 8.071 at 186mph and brought home Sport Compact Evolution Runner-Up, Spring Hday Runner-up, West Salem IFO winner, St Louis IFO winner, and WCF True Street winner trophies. In 2022, we stepped up to the PTE 7385 platform to be on level footing with the XFWD/SFWD class and brought home wins in SCT Stick Shift & Queen of the Track, FL2K Semifinals, and finished the year as 9th fastest XFWD in the world. In 2023, we continued our growth and are the 6th fastest XFWD in the world with a 7.780 at 196mph and brought home Summer Hday Semifinalist, Indy SCT Queen of the Track winner, Bowling Green SCT FWD winner, and #1 qualifier at World Series of Promod XFWD class.  None of this would have been possible without the support and dedication of my husband (Damon Elff).

My racecar build is to fuel my thirst for excitement, channel my competitive spirit, and to inspire more ladies/girls to pursue racing. 

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